Les Chapitres et leurs Présidents

Aerospace and Electronic SystemsAES10 Stéphane Kemkemian 
Antennas and Propagation AP03Habiba Ouslimani
Computer C16Pierre Saurel
Circuits and Systems CAS04Patricia Desgreys 
Computational Intelligence CIS11Adrien Revault d’Allonnes
Communications COM19Pascal Lorenz
Control CS23Mohammed Chadli
Electron DevicesED15Francis Balestra 
Engineering in Medicine and Biology EMB18Hamid Kokabi
Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC27 
Electronics Packaging Society
(ex Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology)
EP (ex CPMT21)Jean-Charles Souriau
Geoscience and Remote SensingGRS29Mauro Dalla Mura
Power Electronics  – Industry Applications -Industrial Electronics IA34/IE13/PEL35Gérard-André Capolino 
Instrumentation and MeasurementIM09Dominique Dallet
Information Theory IT12Sihem Mesnager
Life MembersLMVictor Fouad Hanna
MagneticMAG33Stéphane Mangin
Microwave Theory and TechniquesMTT17Anthony Ghiotto 
Nuclear and Plasma SciencesNPS05Jean-Luc Leray 
Oceanic EngineeringOE22Philippe Courmontagne 
Power and EnergyPE31Yannick Jacquemart
Photonics PHO36Philippe Gallion 
Reliability R07-RL07Benjamin Joguet
Robotics and Automation RA24Philippe Fraisse
Sensor CouncilSENSami Hage-Ali
Systems, Man and CyberneticsSMC28Marie-Hélène Abel
Signal ProcessingSP01William Puech
Solid-State Circuits SSC37Daniela Dragomirescu
Vehicular TechnologyVT06Daniel Hissel
WIE (Women In Engineering)WIEHélène Tonchia
Young professionalsYP 

Affinity groups :

  • Life members : Victor Fouad Hanna 
  • WIE (Women In Engineering) : Helène Tonchia 
  • Young Professional Program Vladimir-Alexandru Paun