For any subscription to IEEE Student Membership, please use promocode : FUTURE50

Promo-code facts:

  • it is for all students (current members, past members, new members)
  • it is for membership years 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • it can be used for an unlimited number of students
  • lowers Student/Graduate Student Membership fee from 27 USD to 13,5 USD
  • half-year membership is not affected
  • it must be applied at the checkout to work.
  • Students need to be sure that University data is added to their IEEE Personal Profile and their current status is “attending” if it is only “graduated” they need to add another degree entry with “attending” or modify the current end date, otherwise promo-code will not work
  • if somebody already paid 27 USD towards 2021 Student Membership, reimbursement is not possible, however, that Student can reach out to the IEEE Contact Center at and request a credit (13,5 USD) on future membership dues (2022 Student Membership)
  • please be sure that from now on your students will use this promo-code as it is unclear now if the above “future membership dues credit” will work in the future.